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AmaZioni worshipers circle a pole in prayer

The tip of Africa, from the “fairest Cape” in South Africa to the mountains of Swaziland, is a region rich in natural beauty and resources, as well as human talent and ability. Game parks, mountain hiking trails, pristine beaches, pastoral scenes, distinctive handcrafts and rich vocal harmonies draw tourists from around the world. South Africa is the richest and most industrialized country in Africa, mining gold, platinum and diamonds. Swaziland specializes in agricultural exports.

There are vibrant, growing churches in southern Africa. Yet they threaten to be overwhelmed by the social and spiritual problems they face. In some cases, the church is syncretistic, lost in a mixture of Christianity and ancestor worship. In other cases, false teaching looks down on the poor and sick and asserts that believers are automatically entitled to health and wealth. The marriages and families of Christians struggle to survive, and sometimes look no different than those of unbelievers. External legalism often replaces hearts devoted to pleasing God out of love for Him, and the development of Christ-like character.

TEAM Southern Africa strongly believes that leadership development is a key to turning the tide in this region. This takes place through the teaching of biblical truth in Bible colleges and through mentoring relationships with Christian leaders. It also includes the training of youth and children’s workers, and the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention strategies in Swaziland and South Africa. Doors are opening in Lesotho and Botswana as well. We want to be role models – hope with skin on – to the leaders of southern Africa who have the vision to bring the light of the gospel to their nations and the world.

Who are the amaZioni?

In 1904, missionaries from Zion, Illinois came to South Africa to share the gospel. After four years, they were recalled for financial reasons. Many of their converts reverted to a mix of Christianity, ancestor worship and African traditions. Seventy years later, their numbers had grown to between 12-15 million and spanned much of southern Africa. In 1980, missionaries from Zion felt a responsibility to return to southern Africa to train amaZioni leaders in biblical truth, recalling them to biblical faith. TEAM partners with ZEMA (Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa) and a multicultural team of teachers to train leaders of these churches who are now hungry for biblical truth.

Videos showing the ministry efforts in Southern Africa: 

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Purpose Statement

Discipling grace-driven Christ-like leaders to transform their communities and the world.

Vision Statement

Propelled by God's love, we envision new generations of grace-driven Christ-like servant leaders across southern Africa, discipled and mentored in biblical truth, spiritually mature, passionately living holy lives and trusting in God alone for marriages, families and churches that, reflecting His glory, impact their communities for Christ as together we disciple others and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Have questions?

TEAM missions coaches are available to answer your questions about becoming a missionary and help you find a place to serve.

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