Our Feast!

Nov 17, 2014

At our class the other day, the Swazi men let me eat with them outside the church in Mhlanagatne, which we were using for a classroom.

Any more donkeys out there?

Nov 17, 2014

A Swazi pastor explains how he is blessed as he uses his training to bless others.

God at Work

Apr 02, 2014

A Durban Bible College student uses the testimony of his difficult past to minister to those suffering a similar fate.

Discipleship in Action

Apr 02, 2014

TEAM missionary Brian Flickner regularly leads a group of pastors, all graduates of Durban Bible College, in weekly prayer meetings. Pastor Shaun Pillay, a member of that group in the mid-2000s, now disciples new believers while serving as a missionary for the North America Mission Board in Connecticut.

There and Back Again

Mar 13, 2013

Having just finished reading The Hobbit aloud together in early December, I looked at Susan over my bowl of breakfast cereal and confessed, “I think I’m a bit of a Bilbo Baggins."

Trumpet of Zion

Mar 07, 2013

When we enter or even walk past the shops of Manzini, we hear the radio blaring from within. And usually the programming is coming from Voice of the Church (VOC). In America, we would call it a “Christian radio station.”

What Matters?

Mar 06, 2013

As I look out over the faces of my Zion Bible College students, I am aware of this disheartening truth – many are just not getting it.

Mountaintop Training

Nov 13, 2012

Thirty-nine people came to our recent CrossRoads training. Many came from the far southeastern corner of Swaziland. One lady caught a bus at 4 a.m.

A Win-Win-Win Situation

Oct 31, 2012

The students in our AIDS and the Church class had a choice: write an 800-word research paper evaluating abstinence programs, or teach a True Love Waits seminar.

A Good Day After All

Oct 30, 2012

It was not a good day! We had traveled over ninety minutes to a distant Zion Bible College class in the hills along the Mozambique border. It was raining.

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